We Are Reading: When Your Child Makes You Want To Scream: 10 Steps to Calm

These are some great ideas and reminders for parents when it comes to some of the post challenging parts of parenting from Aha! Parenting. Dr. Laura Markham shares that there a couple of ways to respond when your children are behaving in ways that make you want to scream.

You can:

a. Scream and then feel remorseful later.

b. Resist screaming by calming yourself down.

In other words, you can escalate the upset, or you can try to stay calm to settle everyone down.

Of course, you have more options if you take positive action BEFORE you feel like screaming.  Often when we lose it with our children, it’s because we haven’t set a limit, and something is grating on us.  Some parents are trying so hard to be patient they let things get out of hand, and then snap.

The key is to set limits BEFORE you get angry.  The minute you start getting annoyed, it’s a signal to do something. No, not yell. It’s time to intervene in a positive way to meet everyone’s needs, including your own!

The full post breaks down 10 steps that seem really do-able if you commit to them.

Read the full post here:



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