We Are Reading: Mothering with mental illness

This article from the Washington Post is an honest and well written portrayal of one woman’s experience as a mother who suffers from anxiety and depression. Anne shares about her journey as a woman, partner, and mother.

I’d thought that I could keep my illness separate from him, but in retrospect I can see how ridiculous that hope was.

How could I hide these things from him – the constant metallic taste of fear in my mouth, the tearful meltdowns over any little thing that might trip up my routine, the relentless self-loathing that sometimes paralyzes me for days – things that have so profoundly shaped who I am?

I’ve spent most of my life hiding my depression and anxiety, but being a parent makes this so much harder.

The Catalyst Center specializes in the prevention and treatment of postpartum depression as well as treatment for mood disorders. For more information about this specialty area go to http://www.catalystcenterllc.com/services/individual-therapy/pregnancy-postpartum-support/

To read the full article click here:


Anne Thériault is a Toronto-based writer and cat enthusiast who blogs about feminism, mental health, and parenting. You can follow her on twitter at @anne_theriault or her blog at The Belle Jar.


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