Meet The Therapists: Dr. Erin Jacklin

Erin Jacklin, Psy.D., Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Dr. Jacklin’s Specialties:

Approach to Healing:

Collaborative Treatment

Dr. Jacklin’s approach focuses on working collaboratively with her clients to enrich their lives by deepening their self-understanding and transforming their interpersonal relationships.  Her clients often describe her as warm, compassionate, and genuine. She deeply believes that a significant part of what is healing about psychotherapy is the real relationship between a client and a therapist. Having someone “in your corner” who deeply understands you and genuinely wants what is best for you can be incredibly powerful. She feels honored that she gets to walk with her clients along their paths to growth and healing.

 Dr. Jacklin’s Training

Dr. Jacklin holds a PsyD in Clinical Psychology from the University of Denver’s Graduate School of Professional Psychology, and she is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist in the state of Colorado. She completed her pre-doctoral internship at Kaiser Permanente Colorado where she conducted psychotherapy and psychological assessment with individuals, couples, families, and children.

 About Dr. Jacklin

Dr. Jacklin’s family originally moved to Denver from California for her to pursue her doctorate. After falling in love with Colorado they decided to make Denver their permanent home. She feels blessed to be here in Denver and enjoys the ability to be active outdoors and explore what Colorado has to offer year-round.


Meet the Therapists: Dr. Courtney Klein

Courtney Klein, Psy.D., LCP

 Approach to Healing:

Lasting Positive Change

Dr. Klein specializes in working collaboratively with people who are seeking to improve their relationships and their lives. She excels at treating more than just the immediate symptoms, addressing the whole person and treating the underlying causes of distress. By using this comprehensive approach she is able to help her clients achieve lasting change rather than just a quick, temporary fix.

Dr. Klein’s clients frequently tell her that she helped them to feel comfortable expressing themselves openly right from the start. This feeling of comfort and connection is an incredibly important building block for achieving lasting change. In her psychotherapy work, she uses humor and compassion to connect with her clients, and often finds that her sessions are filled with moments of laughter that help to balance the hard work they are doing on the issues at hand. She honors each of her client’s experiences, and takes pride in her work walking with them in their journey towards lasting positive change.

Sometimes you need a private place to be yourself where you can freely discuss your life with someone who can offer an outside perspective and help you to make the changes you are seeking. Dr. Klein excels at providing such a place for her clients: somewhere they can feel completely safe and supported in their process of growth.

Dr. Klein’s Training

Dr. Klein graduated from the University of Denver’s Graduate School of Professional Psychology with a doctorate in clinical psychology. She is a licensed Clinical Psychologist and has worked in various mental health settings including private practice, The Children’s Hospital, and community mental health in the seven years living and working here in Denver. She is especially drawn to seeing clients in private practice where she is best able to provide the care and energy needed to help them reach their goals.

About Dr. Klein

Dr. Klein grew up in various towns across the Midwest and fell in love with Denver, Colorado when she moved out here for graduate school. After completing her doctorate she found she could not leave such a great place, and instead decided to make Denver her home. She is still exploring all the outdoor activities Colorado has to offer. She has found that she loves hiking, running, backyard gatherings, and trying restaurants in the city.

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Meet The Therapists: Kendra Doukas

Kendra Doukas, MS, LMFT

 Kendra’s Specialties:

 Approach to Healing:

Kendra is passionate about her work helping individuals, couples, and families to heal and rebuild after major losses and traumatic events. Many clients often tell her that they appreciate how warm and approachable she is, and how knowledgeable she is about ways to treat the effects of loss and trauma. Many people seek her out when they have tried therapy before and feel as though nothing has worked – her approach can benefit those who have not been helped by other forms of treatment.

Kendra believes in the connection between our minds and our bodies. She helps her clients to achieve peace and healing by utilizing mindfulness techniques and helping them to address the ways that they hold stress and tension in their bodies, especially after a traumatic event or a major physical transformation such as the birth of a child.

Kendra excels at helping her clients to achieve healing that they didn’t know was possible by blending well-researched approaches to treatment with her gentle and compassionate demeanor.

 Kendra’s Training

Kendra completed her Master’s of Science degree in Human Development and Family Studies at Colorado State University in 2009 where she focused on the principles of marriage and family therapy. She has also completed specialized additional training in Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR). In addition to her private practice experience, she has counseled individuals at Larimer County Community Corrections and at Crossroads Safehouse.

 About Kendra

Kendra was born and raised in the Denver area and like many folks who grow up here, she loves it far too much to leave. She enjoys traveling, but always looks forward to coming home to Colorado. After spending nearly a decade in Fort Collins to pursue her education, she decided to return to the Denver area. Her family and her often take advantage of the beautiful sights and great weather through hiking, snowboarding, and camping. As a therapist, she genuinely appreciates the health and wellness factor that is inherent in Denver’s culture.

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Meet The Therapists: Dr. Katie Godfrey

Katie Godfrey, PhD, LMFT

 Approach to Healing:

Warm, Genuine, Safe, and Empowering

Dr. Godfrey excels at building meaningful connections with her clients as they work together towards growth and healing. She is passionate about creating a warm, non-judgmental environment where her clients can experience being deeply cared for as they work together to transform their lives. In her over ten years of clinical experience her clients have often told her that they value how genuine she is with them, and appreciates how she balances challenging them to grow with supporting them. She has a gift for connecting with people who feel no one can connect with them, and helping them grow new connections with others in their lives. She work with clients on a wide variety of issues, and has specialized training in several areas of expertise including helping her clients heal from trauma with EMDR and treating postpartum depression and anxiety.

 Dr. Godfrey’s Training

Dr. Godfrey completed her Master’s of Science degree in Human Development and Family Studies with a concentration in Marriage and Family Therapy at Colorado State University in 2005. Her Ph.D. is in Educational and Human Resource Studies with a concentration in Couple and Family Therapy. This was completed at Colorado State University in 2010. Additionally, she has a Graduate Certificate in Women’s Studies. She has also completed specialized training in Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) and Perinatal Mood Disorders. Prior to joining The Catalyst Center, she worked at Crossroads Safehouse and had a private practice in Fort Collins, CO since 2004.

About Dr. Godfrey

Dr. Godfrey was born and raised in Savannah, GA, where she still visits annually to have some ocean and family time. After high school she moved to the mountains of North Carolina to attend college at Appalachian State University. There she was able to pursue many outdoor activities and completed The Appalachian Trail after graduation, a 2,140 mile backpacking journey from Georgia to Maine. She then moved to Fort Collins, CO, where she completed her graduate training and worked for many years. She is new to the Denver area where she now lives with her partner and children. She spends a good deal of time camping, hiking, and enjoying all of the activities Denver has to offer.

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Meet The Therapists: Dr Rohini Gupta

Rohini Gupta, PsyD, LPC

Dr. Rohini Gupta’s Specialties Include:

 Approach to Healing:

Balance and Compassion

The members of The Catalyst Center are incredibly pleased to have Dr. Rohini Gupta on our team. She is a talented therapist who impresses us all with her ability to connect with her clients and help them make powerful changes in their lives. 

Rohini brings a warm, genuine, and non-judgmental approach to helping her clients to heal and change. She deeply believes in the power of a balanced approach to therapy, and works with her clients to build concrete, effective skills to manage the challenges they are facing with attention to mind, body, and emotional reactions. She excels at creating a safe and trusting environment in which to process and find meaning in life’s challenges.

 Dr. Gupta’s Training

Dr. Gupta graduated from the University of Denver’s Graduate School of Professional Psychology with a doctorate in clinical psychology and is a licensed professional counselor (LPC). She trained at various mental health settings including Swedish Family Medicine, Denver Health Outpatient Behavioral Health, and Metropolitan State College of Denver Counseling Center. She completed a psychology residency at Kaiser Permanente and has specialty training in Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR). She is currently adjunct faculty at University of Denver Graduate School of Social Work. Dr. Gupta is passionate about healing and sees clients in private practice where she is best able to provide the care needed to help them reach their goals.

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Meet The Therapists: Dr. Joey Tadie

Joey Tadie, Ph.D., LCP


Integrating Spirituality, Optimism, and Warmth to Create Lasting Change

Many clients appreciate Dr. Joey Tadie’s approachable nature, his easy sense of humor, and how effortless it is to feel comfortable with him quickly. Joey has a contagious enthusiasm for life; he brings an energetic, optimistic perspective to his work with clients and to life in general. He is adept at integrating his client’s spiritual or faith perspectives into his work with them, and is affirming of the diversity of spiritual and faith perspectives. He strives to help his clients feel totally accepted for who they are and fosters a non-judgmental, healing environment where his clients are able to make lasting change.


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